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Socratic Design Method


You can only design when you know from where, towards what and for what reasons.

Everything we create is encoded consciousness and a reflection of our thinking.

Our assumptions – which we are mostly unaware of – are the fertile soil for our work. When we create, we need to investigate these assumptions and their impact on our thinking and acting. To create innovations and capitalize on the future, we first need to transform ourselves, eliminate outdated thinking and start to think from scratch. Only then, can we create real breakthrough strategies, products and services, and (re)design our culture and rituals. This is what we do with Socratic Design.

What is Socratic Design?

Socratic Design creates new horizons of values in which the process of design can take place, allowing a lot more space to create, make and design radically new products and services, and to transform your business.

Most of us have been programmed to function in an industrial society. We are now rapidly entering a new digital world with exponentially accelerating change. A new era with new rules, new rituals, concepts, paradigms, business models and strategies. How? In order to be a key driver in this new economy, we need to explore new frameworks to start designing that new world we want to live in.

Socratic Design is a unique method – created by Humberto Schwab – to free people and organizations from the burden of unproductive or even destructive procedures, unclear language, old thoughts, silo thinking and wrong assumptions. If we want to create strong new values, we must be in a state of virginal thinking, not as individuals, but as a creative collective.

How is Socratic Design different from Design Thinking and other innovation methods?

Design Thinking, like most other innovation methods, is human centred and focusses on creating new products and services with a process of customer interviews, prototypes, building and iterating after getting feedback.

Socratic Design facilitates new thinking collectively, and makes your company more coherent and intelligent. It creates new horizons of values in which the process of design can take radical new dimensions. The ethical frame ensures that you create something meaningful that contributes to good life.

Socratic Dialogue – the art of listening



Socratic Dialogue is a key method for Socratic Design. It frees people from addictive thoughts and conformity thinking.

Our way of moderating disciplined Socratic Dialogues immediately transforms a group into a collaborative intelligence that uses deep questioning, deep thinking and deep listening to predict and deal with the future evolution of any given topic, technology and cultural challenge.

Socratic Dialogue will change the thinking and understanding of yourself and of your group. Ask and explore your most important questions together. Analyze and understand your explicit and hidden individual and cultural assumptions. Learn to listen deeply and to be open to ideas of others. Uncover the intuitive, practical and hidden knowledge of the group that is rarely shared. See the group let go of their old inclinations, power relations, old behaviors and old assumptions. We will listen carefully to each other and think from scratch together.

What are participants saying?

Accelerate your life and your business to the next level.

A unique format that is thought provoking and mind blowing.

An invaluable tool for igniting creativity and fellowship amongst the participants and guarantees that, for a couple of days, our minds and intents will disconnect from everything else, growing in creativity and the expansion of our attitudes.

A unique opportunity to focus one’s mind and thought processes into the communal task of predicting the future evolution of any given topic.

Gain valuable knowledge, inspiration and find wisdom that you can apply to tech and digital transformation.

A necessary software update for your brain in this era of exponential technological dominance.

The more people co-socratically communicate and create – the less worried we need to be of what’s coming.