Future visions, products & services, new ways of working, desirable futures

Capitalize the future by exploring possible realities. Craft your next level vision, business design, organization design, products & services, and new ways of working. Fully align your team(s), rooted in shared ethics and dialogue.

Transformation Workshops

When: Your company has an urgent innovation or culture challenge and needs to solve it.


Overview: A 1-2 day team or leadership offsite with up to 20 participants, focused on key elements of culture or generating ideas for new products and services for today or next two years.
No fixed content, no fixed methods. We use a Socratic Dialogue format, which guarantees a more powerful outcome. We create an emergent intelligence in your group that can generate relevant knowledge and insights.



  • Improved communication
  • Burning question or conflict solved
  • New product or service ideas created
  • New procedures introduced or existing procedures changed
  • Established norms for department merger or post-merger-integration

Socratic Design Labs

When: You want to disrupt your own company, create a new vision and strategy for the next 5 years+, and establish a new organizational design and culture to deal with the changes ahead or design breakthrough products, services and technology.


Overview: A 1-2 day team or leadership offsite with 12 to 20 participants focused on designing the future of the company, aligning the team morally and strategically, (re)designing key elements of the company culture and practices, assessing trends, creating future scenarios and generating new products and services.

This process is at the same time strategic and concrete and creates deep cultural change. It will transform your organization, produce innovation and improve communication internally and externally.

Areas of focus, depending on your key challenge:

  • Strategy Exploration
  • Culture (Re)Design
  • Innovation Deep-Dive
  • Digital Ethics

In a Socratic Design Lab you combine both the value of strong tradition and traditional values with exponential innovation. You dissolve old hangups and design new realities that are rooted in an ethical narrative of your company that boosts a healthy economical perspective.

It is successful, because it taps into the hidden and unconscious wisdom of your company and it sets free locked-up energy of vital communal processes.



  • Shared values, and a shared vision, mission and strategy
  • More coherence and alignment across your company’s disciplines
  • Organizational Design as a source of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Created new horizons and concrete circumstances to deal with the new challenge
  • Philosophical deep dives to analyze the assumptions of your design, to create new ones and to eliminate the old destructive ones
  • Established an open culture of knowledge creation and sharing
  • Accessed collaborative group intelligence and wisdom
  • Unlocked hidden and unconscious knowledge, wisdom and capacity of your company
  • Identified different innovation approaches, philosophies and practices across your different disciplines.
  • Better internal and external communication based on dialogue culture
  • New practices, rituals and procedures
  • 3-4 future scenarios as communication tools: Outcomes of each scenario will be experiences, new rituals, prototypes, new products, services and apps.
  • Roadmap created to implement the changes in your company


We make an ongoing commitment of time, both remote and onsite to help you fully implement the transformation of your company in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Start with the board and your Avantgarde team. Create your new future narrative in a Socratic Design Lab.
  • Phase 2: Unite the top, middle and the general workers, and involve partners in the following Socratic Design Labs. Spread the new narrative internally to the whole company.
  • Phase 3: Communicate the new narrative externally.

Socratic Dialogue Moderation

When: You host a conference or event and want to generate fresh insights, new knowledge and a shared perspective.


Overview: Moderated Socratic Dialogues

  • Private: A 90 minute interactive session for 6 to 12 curated participants to answer any question.
  • Public: A 60 minute panel on stage with 4 to 6 speakers followed by audience interaction.


Benefit: Experience the art of deep listening, deep questioning, deep thinking that only a disciplined dialogue can accomplish.

Train the Trainer - Socratic Dialogue Moderation

When: You are a trainer, coach or interested individual and want to learn how to moderate Socratic Dialogues.


Overview: Moderation trainings will mostly take 4 days and will be customized to your needs.


Benefit: Greater capacity to create coherence in a group, to create new knowledge and to initiate change.

Socratic Coaching for leaders

When: You are a leader and want to change your career path or unlock your full capacity.


Overview: Private coaching using the Socratic method and Practical Philosophy



  • Design your good life
  • Realize your full potential
  • Understand and change your narrative

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